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Commissioned in the year 1999, the Westphalian Medical Center, formerly, Westphalian Eye Clinic in Oyoko, Ghana has been committed to providing quality health care for the Ghanaian population and worked tirelessly to eliminate financial barriers to healthcare access. The Westphalian Medical Center is a subsidiary of the Westphalian Children’s Village (WCV) in Oyoko. WCV is a partner of the International Union of Westphalian Children’s Villages (IVWK) in Paderborn Germany, who are our major sponsors.

WCV, Oyoko was established in 1984 to provide care and support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children. As part of the attempt to provide care and support for the poor in society, the project took interest in providing quality health care for the community people and this commenced with the provision of top-notch Eye Care Services. The Hospital has since been committed to the campaign to eliminate preventable blindness. In the year 2018, management resolved to widen the scope of operation of the Clinic to a general hospital that provides general health services.

The hospital has a dual focus to meet the needs of the Children’s Village and the Ghanaian population. The hospital provides free medical care for inmates of the Children’s Village. It is also an approach to generate funds to support the budget of the Children’s Village.

The hospital has also instituted an outreach programme by reaching out to the grassroots poor, screening, sensitizing and educating them on health conditions and referring cases that require further treatment to the facility. During outreaches, free medical screening is brought to the doorstep of communities, schools, churches, corporate institutions, and other organized groups.


To become a leader in providing effective high-quality, cost-effective services in order to improve the health status of those we serve.


We strive to deliver first-class healthcare to our cherished clients by going beyond the call of duty.

Eye Clinic to General Hospital

From the establishment of the facility in the year 1999, the hospital had been committed to Eye Care until the year 2018, where our services were expanded to cover general health care. The resolution to expand our services was purely client based. Our clients had made several clarions calls for us to take this step. Considering that, our Eye Services are top notch with the best available equipment, drugs, and personnel, our services have over the years been unparalleled.

Our clients have therefore always looked forward to the birth of the general hospital in Oyoko. In the year 2018, the Westphalian Eye Clinic eventually metamorphosized into Westphalian Medical Center – maintaining and building on the quality of care and services offered over the years that won the trust of our clients.


The Westphalian Medical Center boasts of experts and specialists in all fields of Operation. We have experts with experience in Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Optometry, etc.

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