Special Clinics

A list of all our Departments

In our attempt to provide specific services that address the needs of patients, Westphalian Medical Center has instituted special Clinics that address the needs of our clients throughout the week. Our special Clinics include;

Hypertension and Diabetes Clinic

Our specialist Eye Department has established over the years that Hypertension and Diabetes are major causes of various Eye Conditions.

Hypertension and Diabetes have also been usually diagnosed in complications such as stroke and heart-related conditions that have been a public health concern. These conditions account for high morbidity and mortality in our country.

The Hypertension and Diabetes Clinic offers special services to patients and provides expert advice on nutrition and lifestyle for the prevention and management of these conditions.

Child Welfare Clinic

Our child-friendly CWCs monitor physical, mental and social development in Children. “The best interest of the Child” is the prime focus of our CWC where children are closely monitored to determine the correspondence between age and developmental milestones. According to WHO, more than 10 million children under five die each year in developing countries from preventable diseases. In consonance with Sustainable Development Goal 3, on Health and Well Being, our Child Welfare Clinic works towards realizing healthy growth in children and eradicating infant mortality.

Antenatal Clinic

We give comprehensive care to pregnant women right from the day of conception, through pregnancy, labour, and puerperium. WMC has qualified and experienced midwives who provide focused ANC and place emphasis on quality care for both mother and baby. We classify each individual case as unique and specialize in meeting the needs of our clients. Our approach focuses more on preventive measures than curative. Based on the simple principle that all pregnant women are at risk of complication, we lay emphasis on risk detection ahead of disease management.

Pain Clinic

Research has established that about 1.5million of Ghanaian farmers live with chronic pain. There are a number of professionals such as drivers, market women, office managers, etc. who also suffer chronic pain resulting from their work routine. Our Pain Clinic gives attention to the diagnosis and management of chronic pain. Our prime focus is on the client and then the pain. We assist our clients to manage their pain medically, physically, behaviorally and psychologically. Our aim is to end the pain and allow our clients to enjoy life by being able to go about their day-to-day activities without pain.

Our special Clinics are organized throughout the week and clients are offered services that are tailor-made by our ever-ready specialists. If you have been roaming without a solution to your health condition, be assured that Westphalian Medical Center is your perfect destination.

Our patient doctors have respect for the rights of patients including patients’ right to information, patients’ understanding of their health conditions and the best treatment options available to them.